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In 1979 AD, the government started to establish the concept of public transport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the establishment of the Saudi Public Transport Company "SAPTCO" as a Saudi joint stock company. The government is the largest shareholder of the company, which was designated the first national land carrier.

The company's articles of association set its capital at 1,000 million Saudi Riyals, and this was increased, in 2007, to 1,250 million Saudi Riyals.  SAPTCO’s fleet consists of more than 3,250 vehicles of various types and specifications, and they are equipped with the latest, most advanced systems, such as vehicle tracking. , and to fulfillment, printers provide service to its customers in the SAPTCO process by focusing on the optimal use of its resources. Workers working in the field of work, as they reached 1997 employees distributed according to the job category between driver, technician and administrator.

Services provided by SAPTCO:

SAPTCO provides a range of services to various categories of customer, namely:

1- Public transport services within cities:
SAPTCO provides public road transportation within the main cities of Riyadh, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Madinah, Jeddah, and Dammam at specific set tariffs, which may vary according to operational schedules and the level of traffic.

2- Inter-city transportation services:
SAPTCO provides transportation services between cities through a wide and regular network of routes, connecting more than 350 cities and centers in various regions of the Kingdom, providing more than 650 trips per day through 13 stations and 157 agents.

3- International Transport Services:
SAPTCO provides international transport services to five neighboring countries (Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Yemen) via 14 routes running 18 trips daily.

4- "VIP EXPRESS" Premium service:
SAPTCO offers high-quality direct non-stop routes, providing special services for passengers throughout the trip, whose durations range from short to medium : 
- Direct Trips 
- Entertainment screens
- Hot drinks
- Light meals
- Charging points
- Internet  

5- Specialized services:
SAPTCO provides a variety of transportation services across its vehicle fleet according to the needs of its customers, including:
- Hajj, Umrah and visitor transportation services
- Staff transportation 
- Students' transportation 
- Deliveries between cities and outside the Kingdom
- Tourism, school and university trips, groups and various events
- Hourly or daily rental services
- Long and short-term service contracts for companies and establishments
- Limousine services
- Comprehensive Umrah services (accommodation - transportation  tours)

6- Digital Services: 
One of SAPTCO's initiatives in smart mobility is to keep pace with Vision 2030 in raising the quality of life and lifestyles to provide digital mobility services throughout the Kingdom.
A- Autonomous vehicles.
B- Smart participatory mobility service: "RAKAB".

Strategic partnerships and companies:
In 2010, SAPTCO established a qualitative partnership with RATP Dev, which is one of the top 5 companies in the world managing and operating public transport; and this partnership culminated in them launching two companies.

1- Public Transport Company ( PTC) :
A limited liability company owned by SAPTCO (80%) and RATP Dev (20%) was established to undertake the implementation of the project contract for the supply, operation, management and maintenance of the bus network in Riyadh within the King Abdul Aziz project for public transport in Riyadh (Metro - Buses).

2- Capital Metro Company (CAMCO):
A limited liability company owned by SAPTCO (20%) and RATP Dev (80%) was established to undertake the operation and maintenance of the Riyadh Metro project for the first and second tracks of the six lines of the Riyadh Metro Project of the Royal Commission for Riyadh.

3- Saudi Emirati Integrated Transport Company (SITCO):
In 2014 AD, a company was established between "SAPTCO" and "Emirates Transportation", with the aim of providing safe and reliable transportation services for the school transportation sector. 
The resulting Saudi-Emirati Integrated Transport Company  “SITCO" – is one of the largest educational transportation companies in the region. It serves more than 500 schools around the Kingdom and contributes to the transportation of more than 200,000 students every day.

- The role of SAPTCO in the Kingdom’s transportation industry:
The company's leading transportation role is reflected in its being the first choice for passengers both inside the Kingdom and in neighboring countries in order to meet the requirements of all its targeted segments.  It does this in a way that enhances its integration with other means of transport such as low-cost airlines and train projects, foremost of which are bus transportion services, Hajj and Umrah services, and educational transportation.

- Safety, health and environmental policies:
SAPTCO provides a set of consistent systems to offer transportation services to its customers that are not only safe and efficient, but also support the preservation of the environment. 
SAPTCO is also keen to develop and improve operational management procedures and systems that ensure that all its activities comply with the highest levels of operational safety, and are in line with international transportational standards.
SAPTCO also maintains its leading position while being fully committed to providing the best services in order to achieve the highest levels of quality for all its services, ensuring conformity with international quality standards in order to improve the quality of services and performance. These efforts culminated in SAPTCO obtaining an ISO 9001 certification.

- Memberships:
SAPTCO is a member of a number of regional and international organizations specializing in the field of transportation.




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