Car with a driver Hire Service

Car with a driver Hire Service

The car with a driver service is one of the services that Saptcl Limo is proud of. This service is marked of luxury, distinction, professionalism and attention to details that the client might need or be interested in.

This area of interest by Saptcom comes within its response to the expectations of discerning customers including individuals and entities like five star hotels, banks, airlines, organizers of events and conferences, Umrah companies and many others.

The interest in the car as well as its model and the level of grandeur and luxury it provides to the customer is one of the basis standards of Saptco Limo for the service of its customers. In parallel, the interest in the driver, level of his training, qualification and delicacy are also high values of Saptco Limo and one of the achievements it is proud of.

Drivers of Saptco Limo are selected very carefully and then subjected to intensive training programs that qualify them for the highest level in the field of transportation, principles of driving and the art of dealing with customers. Saptco Limo drivers are fully aware of driving principles, network of roads and the behavioral skills that should be enjoyed by the team of drivers to ensure the preserving of customer’s privacy. Additionally, Saptco Limo drivers are subjected to awareness programs on the basics and procedures of security to ensure comfort, peace of mind for Saptco Limo customers who trust that this service is the perfect destination for the achievement of their aspirations.

Additionally, Saptco is characterized by the spread of its branches in the best strategic locations in all regions and airports of the Kingdom. Moreover, the locations of the company are adjacent to those of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina, which makes Saptco makes the perfect choice for customers, at all times, and in all regions.

Service FAQ

Do you have a car with a driver service?

Yes, we provide our customers with a car of high level of grandeur with a highly qualified and trained driver.

How much the cost per trip?

The cost varies depending on type of car.

How much the cost per a full day?

The cost per a full day varies depending on type of car.

What are the types of your cars?

The types of cars of Saptcl Limo are Mercedes S300, Audi A8, Audi A6, Mercedes E200, GMC and Caprice.

What are the nationalities of your drivers?

There is no fixed nationality as our drivers are of different nationalities.

Are Saptco Limo services restricted to Riyadh city only?

No, we provide our services all over the Kingdom.

Do you accept payments by credit card?

Yes, we accept payment by credit card in some branches like Jeddah branch.

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