Regarding to the precautionary measures of Saudi Arabia to prevent Coronavirus, we would like to announce the following:
1- Entry to the Kingdom for the purpose of Umrah and/or visiting the Prophet's Mosque in Medina is temporarily suspended.
2- Entry to the Kingdom with a tourist visa from countries with confirmed Coronavirus outbreaks, according to criteria established by Saudi health authorities, is temporarily suspended.
3- The use of national identity cards (instead of passports) for travel to and from the Kingdom is suspended. Exceptions will be allowed for Saudi nationals who left Saudi Arabia by using their national identity cards, or citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries wishing to return from Saudi Arabia after entering with their national identity cards.
4- Suspending the entry of GCC countries’ citizens to the two cities of Makkah and Madinah temporarily except of GCC countries citizens who have a permit for that which can be obtained through the website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.
5- Suspending Umrah and visits of the prophet’s Mosque temporarily for citizens and residents in the Kingdom.​

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