Report Violation

SAPTCO’s values are one of its core strengths and pillars of success, and we must therefore do everything we can, as individuals, as a team, and as a company, to protect and uphold these values.
Our most important values are integrity and honesty, and SAPTCO will always encourage everyone to take responsibility in reporting any violation against our values, especially those that involve breaking the law.
Some examples of violations, which must be reported, include:
  • Financial or administrative corruption which could involve theft, embezzlement, tampering with financial documents, conflicts of interest, bribery, forgery, fraud or manipulation of accounts.
  • Any violation or breaking of any law or regulation.
  • Any violation of company policies and procedures.
  • Inappropriate behaviour, or any violation of public order or etiquette, or any action which may tarnish the reputation of the company, or expose the company to criticism.
  • Any misuse of the company’s assets and property.
We expect any report of a violation to be credible and objective, and not to be personal, or to be motivated for personal gain or benefit.

Reporter information

Information of the reported person (the perpetrator), if known to the reporter

Witness information (if applicable)

Information about the violation