International Transport

SAPTCO operates direct international services to UAE, Bahrain. Additionally, SAPTCO provides services to Egypt via connecting ferries.


Ticket Reservation

You can book through:

  • Website (For Bahrain and UAE lines only)
  • Mobile Application (For Bahrain and UAE lines only) Apple & Android
  • Heading to one of the Company's stations or travel agents Branches
  • International Travel Agents

Travel Documents

Make sure that you have the necessary documents when traveling with "SAPTCO".

Saudis and Citizens of GCC Countries:

  1. The original copy of ID card.
  2. The original copy of the family card for companions.(in case the companions do not have their own ID card).
  3. The original copy of the Identification letter for students or a valid student ID card to take advantage of any free or return travel opportunities.
  4. The original copy of the Social Affairs Card for persons with disabilities. (to take advantage of any reduced fee in travel opportunities).

Citizens of Non-GCC Countries:

The required passport and visas shall be held by and be the liability of the passenger.


Instructions and Advices

  1. All necessary travel documents should be kept with the ticket until the end of the trip and should be shown at the departure gate.
  2. Smoking is prohibited inside the buses.
  3. The passenger should check in at the travel stop or station at least an hour before the departure.
  4. If the customer is unable to travel for any reason, he/she can recover 65% of the unused ticket value.
  5. In case of ticket usage and the passenger desires not to continue, the ticket value or part of it is non-refundable.
  6. The front seats of all buses are reserved for families.
  7. Valuable or breakable luggage, necessary travel documents are the responsibility of the passenger.
  8. When reaching a station, the passenger should head to the luggage department to complete the luggage-related procedures before going to the departure gate.

Children Travel:

  1. Children under the age of 12 are entitled to travel at half the adult fee.
  2. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to travel alone.
  3. Children aged from 13 to 17 can travel alone after completing the guardian approval form.
  4. All Children must have an ID card to travel.
  5. Infants aged less than two years required a ticket which will be issued free of charge.

Travel of passengers with special needs

Travel Requirements for Special Needs Travelers:

  1. Travelers with special needs can only travel with a companion.
  2. It is required to provide an original ID card along with a copy of the disability identification card.
  3. Travelers with special needs can travel without a companion in some special cases after providing valid reasons.
  4. Travelers with special needs can only travel with us, if their case allows them to sit on our bus seats.

Information on Luggage

  1. The maximum dimensions of each piece of luggage shall be 50 cm in width, 90 cm in length and 40 cm in height.
  2. Passengers traveling to Egypt are allowed to take up to 100KG for adult tickets and 50KG for a child ticket, Or as approved by the company, provided that the following are taken into account:
    • Each customer is allowed to free weight for one ticket when loading luggage into the courier, and an amount of 3 riyals is collected for each additional kilo of the allowed weight or according to what is approved by the company.
    • Each customer is allowed to carry baggage on SAPTCO buses with one baggage not exceeding 25 kilos as a maximum, and 3 riyals will be charged for each extra kilo.
    • Trips coming from Egypt, which departs from (Dubaa Port Station - to Saudi cities or the Gulf countries), the customer is allowed to weigh 75 kg and an amount of 2 riyals is added for each additional kilo of the permissible weight.
    • For passengers departing from SAPTCO stations and agents inside the Kingdom towards the Arab Republic of Egypt, the starting point must be reviewed to inquire about instructions and procedures for weighing luggage and finalizing travel procedures 24 to 96 hours before the flight departure time, according to the variables related to baggage and travel procedures and the variables related to the marine carrier.
  3. Permitted Luggage for SAPTCO bus passenger For other International Trips:
    • 75 Kg for an adult ticket and 35 Kg for a child ticket. To excess luggage is charged at one SAR per Kg.
    • The maximum dimensions of each piece of luggage shall be 50 cm in width, 90 cm in length and 40 cm in height.
    • There should be a sticker placed on any piece of luggage.
  4. Hand Luggage

    Hand luggage are the responsibility of the passenger. The company shall not be liable for any damage that may occur to the hand luggage. Each piece of hand luggage shall not exceed 7 Kg in weight.

  5. Prohibited Materials:

    Passengers shall not have the following materials transported as part of his/her luggage:

    • The materials that are prohibited by the laws, regulations and/or orders enforceable in Saudi Arabia shall not be transported.
    • The materials that are considered to be unsuitable for transportation, for their weight, size, shape or characteristics or for being breakable or damageable, including the inflammable substances, explosives, armaments, ammunition, animals, liquids, and acids.
    • Registered luggage shall not include breakable and damageable materials, including the valuables, funds, jewels, precious metals, PCs or other personal electronic devices, highly valuable or significant documents and/or negotiable instruments.
  6. Lost Luggage:
    • Lost pieces shall be reported to the competent officials in the stations immediately upon arrival.
    • The Company shall not be liable for any damage to or loss of the luggage in the course of service unless it is proven that such damage or loss results from the Company's negligence. If registered luggage is lost, the indemnity shall be limited to a maximum sum of SAR350 per piece, provided that the accident of loss shall be reported, the procedures be completed, and the sticker of lost piece be found.