Contracts & Charter

It is a variety of services provided by SAPTCO as per the wish of its customers, who are keen to deal as direct beneficiaries or organizers of special programs, within the framework of the company’s endeavor to extrapolate the needs of beneficiary customers, improve and develop the provided services in line with their aspirations, meeting and fulfilling their desires.


Our Services

Our diversified fleet equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies is one of the reasons that made SAPTCO the best in this field, the matter that encouraged a number of government agencies, Hajj missions, universities, schools, sports clubs and companies to take advantage of operating these services to transfer their employees. Among our services :

Lease Services:

It is one of the distinctive services that exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers by using all modern technologies to provide comfort and luxury for them, which are as follows:

  • Transportation service for Hajj and Umrah performers and visitors
  • Delivery service between the Kingdom cities
  • International delivery service
  • Tour service, school, university and association trips, etc.
  • Hourly or daily rental service
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Contract Services

In order to meet the needs of customers from companies, institutions and factories, SAPTCO provides its services through the monthly or annual contracting system with various buses in all cities of the Kingdom to cover:

  • Transportation services for staff and employees of companies
  • Male and female students transportation service

SAPTCO also provides additional services on board of our buses, such as: (host - dry meals - cold and hot drinks - newspapers and magazines - Internet service) at very competitive prices.


Hajj and Umrah performers and visitors transportation and international transportation service

The company plays an important and influential role in the activities of transporting Hajj and Umrah performers in all its stages to facilitate their transportation and facilitate performance of their rituals. Through its membership in the General Cars Syndicate, SAPTCO has been able to provide optimum participation in transporting pilgrims from airports and moving between: (Makkah Al-Mukarramah - Jeddah - Al Madinah Al Munawwarah) before and after the days of escalation, in addition to the service of transporting pilgrims to the holy sites (Mina - Arafat - Muzdalifah).

Among the most important and largest of our customers in this service (the Iranian mission - the Turkish mission - the Egyptian mission - the Sudanese mission - the Yemeni mission - the Indonesian mission - the Malaysian mission - the Tajik mission ...) and the domestic pilgrims' campaigns. Where they are transported with the latest different types of buses designated for these services and according to the customers' desire.

It also provides services to transport Umrah performers and visitors coming from inside and outside the Kingdom through companies and institutions specialized in organizing Umrah campaigns, in addition to the service of shrines for historical areas and the delivery service to perform prayers around the clock in both Makkah Al-Mukarramah and Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. With the latest types of different and distinctive buses, from the beginning of the Umrah season in the month of Muharram for internal Umrah and from the beginning of the month of Safar for international Umrah to the end of the month of Shawwal of each Hijri year.


Tour services and schools, universities and associations trips

The company is keen to meet the needs of its customers in terms of providing and securing tour services in each of the archaeological areas, tourist attractions, holy places, schools, universities and associations trips with various types of recreational tours and traditional visits, and the company implements this service with various types of modern buses according to the customers' desire and among our most important customers (Tourism Authority - Entertainment Authority)


Hourly or daily rental service

This service enables to meet all types and requests of customers in various segments, according to their requests for the types of short rental services on the hourly and daily basis inside and outside cities with various types of modern buses throughout the year. Among our most important customers are sports clubs.


Staff Transportation Services

Based on the continuous endeavor to fulfill the desires of several segments of companies and institutions by making monthly or annual contracts for employees and workers transportation services from their place of residence to their place of work and return them in the same direction. Among the most prominent of our customers with this service are (Aramco - Saudi Electricity Company - Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) - SABIC – Emaar King Abdullah Economic City - King Abdullah University for Science and Technology - Nomac Company - Sipchem Company - Saudi Airlines Catering Company), where they are transported With various types of modern buses designated for these services and according to the customers' desires.


Umrah Performers Services

Among the company’s activities that were recently developed is the activity of Umrah performers services, where the company was able to obtain a comprehensive Umrah organizer permit, and among the services provided (issuing Umrah visas - transportation - subsistence - housing - tourism tours) for visitors to the Sacred House of Allah “Caaba” and the Mosque of Allah’s Messenger, prayer and peace of Allah be upon Him, in addition to providing reception and farewell services and shrine tour services within the Kingdom.


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