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privacy policy- saptco
privacy and statement of confidentiality of information
we thank you for visiting the website of saudi public transport company. this policy has been prepared to assist you in understanding the nature of the data that we collected from you when you visit our website and how we deal with this personal data.
statement of policy
saudi public transport company “saptco” is committed to serve dealers with high ethical standards by designing, applying and improving internal controls applied consistently and appropriately which would enhance the confidence of clients.
saudi public transport company respect the privacy of visitors and users of its website on the internet through the constant commitment to ensure the protection of user’s privacy. as such, the design of this website did not aim for the collection of your personal data from your computer when you browsed this site but to use this data with your knowledge and willingness.
the website includes public pages that can be browsed by all users without the need to give any personal data except for the ones collected by cookies in the case of use. the website also includes secure pages, the successful access to which requires when the user logs in the usage of  members access whether they were companies or individuals.
scope of policy
sites covered by the policy
this policy applies to all domains and sites owned or managed by saudi public transport company.
they consist of data transmitted by the server “the computer assigned for site service” to the device of the site visitor which is saved and resent every time the browser requests a page from the saved pages in the server, thereby the internet browser could be identified and tracked. 
site management may sometimes use cookies to track users at the time when they browse the site for the purpse of collecting and analyzing the usage statistics for site improvement and development.
collection of personal data
site management does not collect your personal data or the way the users browse the public pages automatically, but any time you visit our site,the server will register your ip, the time and date of visit, the type of internet browser you are using and the urlof any site that referred you to our site. this will help us monitoring and correcting system problems as well as improving the site usage. this information has nothing to do with your name or personal identity.
opinion survey operations
opinion survey operation conducted through our website enables us collecting specific information like the one you are required to give regarding the look and feel to our website as well as our services. your responses will be very important and highly appreciate since they help us in improving the standard of our site and services.
links to other sites
our site may include links to other sites on the internet or ads from other sites. we do not hold responsibility for the method of collection of data by those sites. you can review the privacy policy and content of those sites that is accessible through any link within this site. we may seek the help of advertisement companies of third parties for the purpose of ads display at the time you vixit our site. those companies have the right to use the data of your visits to this site and other sites (excluding information about your name, address, e-mail address or phone number). the collected information will be for the purpose of evaluating the ads that deal with the product and services you are interested in.
disclosure of information 
we will maintain at all times the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data that we collect. we will not disclose such information unless it is required by any law or when we believe in good faith that such action would be required or desirable in the process of compliance with the law or the defence or protection of private property rights of this site or its beneficiaries. 
we will not sell, trade, lease or disclose any information to any third party outside this websit or the affiliated sites. we will disclose information only in the case of an order to do so by any legal or regulatory authority or in the case of suspected piracy attempt on the site to cause harm to it.
data necessary to carry out the services you ask for  
when we need any of your personal data, we will ask you to submit voluntarily since such data will help us providing our services, communicating with you and implementing your requests whenever possible. the data you submit will never be sold to any third party for the purpose of marketing the same for his own benefit.
we can use your information to communicate with you through newsletters. in case you do not want to receive mails that include marketing information, follow the steps of subscription cancellation.
contact us
you can always contact us by clicking the contact us link available in the links of our website or sending to our e- mail info. we will consider all the information you submit as confidential. the forms provided in this page require the supply of data that will help us in the improvement of our site and services. the supplied information will be used in the answering of your queries, comments or requests from this site.
amendments to the policy of confidentiality and privacy of  information
we  reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of confidentiality and privacy of information policy when necessary and where appropriate. the modifications will be implemented here or on the main page of privacy policy.

Our Information Security Policy
We at SAPTCO, are committed to protect the information received from customers and the information generated internally by building robust security systems and processes in an efficient and effective manner.

finally, your concerns and interest in the confidentiality and and privacy of information is of great importance to us. we wish to achieve this through this policy.