Embracing Green Mobility for a Sustainable Future

Recognizing its social responsibility, SAPTCO prioritizes the development of sustainable transportation solutions to align with the objectives outlined in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, aiming for a "dynamic and sustainable society" while bolstering Saudi Arabia's pursuit of a "thriving economy" and "climate neutrality."

The adoption of sustainable practices stands as a fundamental pillar in the organization's operations, ensuring its continued prosperity over the long term and solidifying its position as a leading provider of comprehensive transportation solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sustainability initiatives


Fostering the digital economy and promoting technology localization

Empowering Next-Generation Mobility and Logistics Solutions through Digital Platforms, Driving Technology Localization Forward

Improving Road

Implementing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
Integrating Intelligent Traffic Control

Optimizing Connectivity within Transportation Systems

End-to-End Mobility Solutions for Enhanced Travel Experiences

Enhancing Quality of Life in Saudi Urban Areas

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
Smart Logistics

Our journey commenced in 2019, marked by the launch of trials featuring electric buses and self-driving vehicles across the Kingdom, in collaboration with esteemed international partners.

During 2022, one electric bus and charger with a range of 200 km and a capacity of 29 passengers were provided to KAUST

Six self-driving vehicles were provided in the NEOM community as part of the living lab experiment

During 2019, Two electric cars were operated by a Saudi-trained and certified team to operate electric vehicles at KAUST

Two electric vehicles were
provided for use during
the Al-Ula season 2023

During 2023, an electric bus and charger for the trial in Jeddah with a range of 350 kilometers & a capacity of 72 passengers were provided

During 2023, An electric bus and charger with a range of 200 km and a capacity of 53 passengers were provided in Medina

SAPTCO acknowledges the significant challenge posed by climate change and the urgent need to address it. This drives us to leverage our operational strengths and business portfolio to play an active role in the energy transition and promote sustainable green mobility.