Integrated and renewable transportation solutions

SAPTCO embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance and diversify its transportation services. In 2007, the company launched the SAPTCO Metro project as part of its commitment to advancing the Kingdom's transportation infrastructure. This project, undertaken in collaboration with its French partner, RATP Dev, led to the establishment of the Capital Metro Company.

On September 17, 2018, the Capital Metro Company secured a significant contract from the Royal Commission for Riyadh City to operate and maintain two of the city's six metro lines: the Blue Line spanning 38 km and the Red Line covering 25.3 km, for a duration of 12 years. This joint venture is primarily owned by RATP Dev (80%) and SAPTCO (20%).

This strategic endeavour also lays the groundwork for providing operation and maintenance services for metro and train projects across key cities in the Kingdom, particularly those with high population density. SAPTCO Metro's offerings encompass a range of targeted services, including metro, tram, and monorail operations.

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