SAPTCO Academy opts for IRU RoadMasters to drive shared mobility excellence

SAPTCO Academy has selected IRU RoadMasters’ passenger transport programme to elevate safety and customer service across Saudi Arabia’s emerging shared mobility network. Leading provider of road transport training SAPTCO Academy has selected IRU RoadMasters’ passenger transport programme to develop, strengthen and manage its driver training offerings with internationally recognised standards.

SAPTCO’s fleet consists of over 3,250 vehicles equipped with cutting-edge features to deliver the highest quality and safe mobility solutions. The company offers a wide range of services to various categories of customer, including public transport within cities, inter-city transport, international transport, "VIP EXPRESS" Premium service, as well as specialised services. IRU Director of Certification and Standards Patrick Philipp said, “IRU is delighted to work with SAPTCO Academy to elevate passenger safety and customer services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning shared mobility services.” “Together, we can ensure the highest level of professional excellence for the millions of journeys SAPTCO makes possible every year,” he added.

RoadMasters, IRU’s risk and talent management solution, will allow SAPTCO Academy to assess drivers at all levels and identify skill gaps, measure progress, and implement targeted action. IRU RoadMasters’ passenger transport programme provides a comprehensive analysis for evaluating drivers’ skills profile, allowing SAPTCO Academy to offer targeted training covering both driving and non-driving skills. All assessment and training information are subsequently compiled in digital dashboards to help SAPTCO Academy to continuously strive for excellence in shared mobility.