Transport General Authority launches transport concession in the southern region through the alliance of the Saudi Public Transport Company "SAPTCO" with the Spanish company Alsa

Within the framework of offering the intercity bus transport market in the Kingdom to compete between local and international companies in order to divide the transport network and lines into three main geographical areas: the North region, the northwest region and the southern region.During the inauguration ceremony of the bus transport project between the cities of the Kingdom, the Transport General Authority announced the launch of the services of SAT in Tahal.

And the CEO of sat A. Turki al-Subaihi; that this alliance between SAPTCO, which has 45 years of experience in transport for all regions of the Kingdom, and the Spanish company ALSA, which is located on four continents, and has more than 100 years of experience in the field of transport enhances the transport system in the Kingdom and contributes significantly to the qualification of Saudi youth for this sector and the development of public transport according to the highest international standards.

He also explained that the company will work on an operational plan covering several cities, starting from its center in Riyadh, passing through Dammam and Al-Ahsa, and then towards the western region, passing through Jeddah and Mecca. The network covers the Jeddah Khamis Mushait road, including Taif, Al Baha, nammas, Abha, Jazan, up to Najran in the southern region, and a number of intermediate cities connected in the concession area according to a transport network consisting of 27 routes distributed on a road network served by 7 stations distributed in various regions, and it is expected to serve approximately 1.7 million passengers annually.

He added that a fleet of buses consisting of 129 modern buses varied between standard and VIP buses has been equipped and 4 supportive bus maintenance and accommodation centers have been provided to be ready to provide the best transport and logistical support services; pointing out that this step works greatly to achieve the goals and vision of the Kingdom 2030 in order to develop the transport and logistics system and improve the living life of all members of society in the kingdom; to make the transport and logistics sector sustainable, future-proofing and enabling To consolidate the kingdom's position as a global logistics hub and a model for integrated mobility in the world.